Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review of LM Smith's 'The Citizens'

As stated when I started this blog, I am an equal opportunity reviewer. I had recently been going through a long YA and non-fiction kick, reading a lot of the paranormal, vampy, romance novels that have been coming out. Then with the trip to Africa my reading scaled off some just as I was starting to get my hands on copies of books to review, LOL. So now I am back and I started with LM Smith's 'The Citizen's' which I got a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion. My husband was happy because he always tells me that I read too much YA even though what I like is more in that new Mature Young Adult!

When I got my copy of this book I had already seen some great positive feedback, but I didn't know what to expect from the book. I didn't expect to be sitting there happily confused the whole time(which was all of 3 hours because this really was a book you can not put down!! If you asked me to put this book into a genre I don't think I could. Its more than a mystery, but its not scary either. It's got wit and humor, but not a comedy. It's suspense and drama, but its not what I would call an action book. It's got a couple who has the hots for each other, but its not romance. It's got a bratty teen that talks back, but is definitely not an angst book. This book, which is first in a series, is one of those one of a kind books that you just fall in love with.

I am not big on spoilers, so I will tell you the basics: Jasmine is attacked coming back from her barn, when she wakes up she is in a hotel room that she can not get out of. When she does get out she finds that she is one of five that are stuck in this remote town somewhere and that they were all kidnapped from different parts of the world. Someone is obviously behind this, but who, and what kind of sick game are they playing out. Jazz wants to know because she is determined to win. Does she? Who else is stuck there? Who is behind all this? If you want to know then you will have to go buy this book NOW!  :)

I personally can't wait for book #2 in this amazing new series by LM Smith. This is one author you want to be able to say you read before she was huge!

5 BIG *****'s!!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am back and change of plans!!

Hello Everyone!

I have returned safely from Africa!! Thank you to everyone for the prayers, good wishes, and positive vibes! It was an amazing trip that included a serve wrist injury from climbing a mountain on our last day in the village. We did a Vacation Bible School that touched the lives of over 700 kids! That is AMAZING!! I will write a more thorough blog detailing my trip when I am healed up and not in a brace that is in essence a removable cast.

In regards to the giveaway that I was trying to do, I am still doing it. I have copies of Sirenz and Sirenz Back in Fashion by Charlotte Benardo and Natalie Zaman, some swag, and I am still collecting! I want this to be the best first contest I can have. I may even include some souvenier from Malawi in there! This is going to be a contest for my followers so make sure you are following this blog!! Also comment and send your friends!

I am still trying to determine how I am going to do this, if I am going to attempt Rafflecopter or something eles. If you have any suggestions let me know! The fast I learn all this the faster I can do more reviews, stories, author interviews, and MORE GIVEAWAYS!!

Also, my plane trip nearly bankrupted me, and I have been having trouble finding Alma Katsu's first book, so I will do reviews in the mean time starting with the last book I read, The Citizens by LM Smith. I have my hubby putting a hold on it if our local libraries have it and its the first book I will buy when I can go back to work medically.

So, I will be posting my review of 'The Citizens' in a few minutes and keep sending friends!!